Graduation Checklist

Please find below a checklist to assist you with everything you need to do before, during and after your graduation ceremony. 

No. Task Deadline

Prepare for Graduation


Look at the graduation Timetable to see when you will be graduating. 

Before your congregation 


Book your place at graduation through your intranet account after receiving an email to say that graduation booking is open.  

17 October - 4 November 2022


Ensure your full official name is correct. 

When booking your place


Inform us of any special requirements for you or your guests. 

When booking your place 

Clear all University debts.

11 November 2022

Order your Academic gown from Ede and Ravenscroft.

17 October - 4 November 2022
On the Day

Arrive at the Bay Campus, Swansea. 

At least 1½ hours before your congregation

Register and collect your guest tickets and certificates from The College, Bay Campus.  Outdoor queuing areas are not undercover.  Please dress weather-appropriate.

Arrive early to avoid the queues 
9 Collect your gown (The College, Level 1, Room 102-106) Arrive early to avoid the queues 
10 Have your official Photographs taken in Y Twyni Any time before or after your congregation
11 Enter the Great Hall auditorium and take your seats  Doors will open 30 minutes before your congregation start time
12 Continue celebrations at the post-ceremony event  As informed by your Faculty
13 After your congregation, order your USB stick and Congregation photo from Y Twyni (7.1 on the map)

Any time after your congregation (around a 15 minute wait once ordered)

14 Return your gown - Ground floor foyer, The College After your congregation
After Graduation
15 Congratulations, you are now an automatic member of our Alumni Association, find out more
16 Swansea Employability Academy is still here to help you with your next steps in starting your career.
17 If you need a replacement certificate or another transcript please contact 
18 Please let us know any feedback you have from your graduation day.