Students studying together

Université de Genève is located in Geneva, Switzerland and is the 2nd most populous city. Geneva has an oceanic climate with some moderation coming from Lake Geneva. Winters in Geneva are mild for Swiss standards but damp and rainy, and summers are pleasantly warm. Geneva is officially a French-speaking city, and the vast majority of the population speak French, with English being a close second. Students studying French as part of their degree will be given priority to study here on exchange over students who don’t have sufficient French language skills, but there is teaching in English available in certain subject areas. Geneva has a higher cost of living, so you will need to bear this in mind when budgeting for your time on exchange. Please be aware that accommodation is extremely limited in Geneva, so if you plan to go there on exchange you will need to be organised and start your search as early as possible.

It will not be possible to complete a year abroad at this University if you have any assessments, such as supplementary or deferred exams, during the August assessment period at Swansea University.