Student at ATM

There are a range of bursaries and grants which you can access to support your period abroad, to assist with travel costs, accommodation fees and general day-to-day expenses. The funding available will depend on where you are going and the duration of your time abroad. Full details of each bursary can be found below. Please note that bursary amounts may vary each year.

Year and Semester Abroad Bursaries

When you sign up for a year or semester abroad, either working or studying abroad on an approved programme, the Go Global Team will be able to support your application for the following bursaries, where applicable.

Tuition Fees and Student Loans

It is important that you remember to apply for your Student Loan as usual, and ensure you are enrolled at Swansea even during your time abroad so that you pay the correct level of tuition.

Summer and Short Programme Bursaries

The Go Global Team also provides bursaries for students completing approved summer programmes or approved, college-led programmes. Students can be awarded more than one bursary, but can only receive bursaries of a total maximum value of £2000