The Global Challenges Scholars

The Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Scholars have been chosen to undertake the MA in Global Challenges: Law Policy and Practice, at Swansea University’s School of Law. This master’s programme is fully funded by Sky, and aims to provide the scholars with specialist research and advocacy skills in a range of defined areas, which are of the utmost importance in today’s world.

As part of this programme, the scholars will have a range of opportunities, including the chance to work with key individuals in their areas of specialism, and undertake placements in relevant organisations, to develop them into unique individuals that can bring about transformative change to law and policy.

The world around us is changing, in order to tackle the major societal challenges, such as the climate crisis, security and inequality, we require innovative thinking and leadership, and a commitment to transnational collaboration, which is the true aim of the Global Challenges Programme.

Find out more about the backgrounds, work and research of each of our scholars below.

2022 Global Challenges Scholars

2021 Global Challenges Scholars

2020 Global Challenges Scholars