BSc Leadership for Global Challenges

Our world faces a growing number of urgent global challenges that must be met with ingenuity, tenacity and co-operation. We need more people with the ambition to rise to these challenges, the expertise to confront them, and the ability to nurture the personal qualities that will ensure success in public service, wherever and however they choose to serve.

The Leadership for Global Challenges programme is an exciting, transdisciplinary degree designed for students who want to develop the personal and professional skills, the disciplinary knowledge and the intellectual tools to be able to initiate change and make a difference in the world around them.

The three-year degree is structured around an overarching, cross-cutting “Global Challenges” theme that explores vital issues such as climate change, sustainable development, migration, terrorism, inequality and poverty and how they affect the world we live in.
It weaves together a range of disciplines, such as political theory, development studies, public policy, law, management and media, to enable a comprehensive understanding of key global issues and the social, political, economic systems and structures which underpin how the world is organised and which can be harnessed for change.

Students will learn how change happens, how to identify the factors which determine success, and how to develop the skills, attributes and knowledge needed to become entrepreneurial public servants.

With a focus on leadership and entrepreneurial skills, students will be empowered to develop and champion innovative and sustainable solutions that could change lives.

The programme provides opportunities to apply learning in practical settings through placements with government bodies, charities and NGOs, and a key feature of the degree is a US-based programme of visits to organisations including the US Congress and United Nations.

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