Tuition Fees

For individual students this procedure details the arrangements for the payment of fees, and the sanctions which may be applied in the event of non-payment of fees by the due date. This procedure is designed to ensure that all students are treated in a fair and equitable manner.


  • Non-payment will lead to the University withholding the issue of degree, diploma and course programme completion documents
  • Non-registration for continuation of programmes
  • Non-registration for end-of semester examinations or withholding of examination results
  • Tuition fees remain the responsibility of the student until accounts are settled in full by their sponsor
  • Legal action which will result in additional costs to the student
  • If your account is passed to the University's approved debt collection agency or for legal action, all outstanding balances will become due immediately



This procedure applies to all students – including part-time, full-time, undergraduate, postgraduate, home, EU and overseas students, attending any campus.

Students are defined as persons registered or enrolled at the University to follow a programme of study, which may or may not lead to an award or qualification. If a student leaves the University with outstanding debts, the University will pursue payment of the outstanding debt.

Students are responsible for paying all fees incurred whilst studying at the University on a timely basis. Where a sponsor has agreed to pay on behalf of a student, the student remains responsible for the debt until it has been discharged.

Non-payment of tuition fees will result in action to recover the debt. This can include de-registration, prevention of re-registration in successive years, non-admittance to their degree and prevention of attendance to their graduation ceremony, receiving their award in absentia.