Group Overview

Visual and Interactive Computing 

Swansea University computer scientists have worked in a broad range of subjects in the areas of visual computing. Since 1992 when it was first established by Prof. Min Chen (now Oxford) and Professor Peter Townsend (retired). the group has grown to a team of 10 academics (Dr Daniel Archambault, Dr Jingjing Deng, Dr Mike Edwards, Prof. Mark W Jones, Dr Robert S Laramee, Dr Ben Mora, Dr Gary Tam, Dr Sean Walton, Dr Joss Whittle, Dr Xianghua Xie), leading a team of research assistants and PhD/MPhil/MRes students.

The group has contributed a large collection of novel techniques and significant breakthroughs in the fields of Data Visualisation, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Visual Analytics, Data Science, Computer Graphics, Interaction and GPU programming.

The group follows an ambitious and curiosity-driven programme to develop new algorithms and methods, as well as advanced software techniques and tools, for these areas. It has a number of on-going collaborative research projects with scientists from around the world and is actively involved in knowledge transfer and industrial applications.