We are developing anti-aging products using microneedle technology

We are developing anti-aging products using microneedle technology

The Challenge

There is a growing market for non or minimally invasive cosmetic (or aesthetic) procedures and products across the world. Developing a regulated product takes time and has significant costs for a company in terms of developing the expertise needed to research and prototype a new product. 

Innoture, a medical technology company with an expertise in microneedles has worked with Swansea University to develop a novel anti-aging regime using microneedle patches.

The Method

Innoture’s research department is co-located within the Centre for NanoHealth at Swansea University which has given Innoture access to equipment and expertise from the chemistry and Engineering staff at Swansea.  Over a number of years working with Swansea university, Innoture was able to develop their microneedle technology and bring it to market.

The Impact

Innoture launched Radara, a novel anti-ageing regimen using unique micro-channelling patches and high purity HA serum, focusing on the under-eye area in 2016. The patches have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Tatler and Vogue and have won aesthetic industry awards. The patches are now stocked in a number of skin care clinics across the UK, and despite the pandemic, are returning revenue for the company. Innoture and Swansea are now looking into other uses for their microchannelling technology, including vaccine and analgesic delivery. 

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