Swansea University was born into a century of exceptional change.  We were originally founded to make a difference to the people of the region, in an age when industry reigned. We soon flourished as an institution that not only provided technical expertise but explored how we could improve society through increased understanding of medicine, health and human rights, through scientific advancement, and through the illumination of art and culture.  

It is of course, people who are, and always have been, at the heart of everything we do.  People who, over the last 100 years, have left their indelible mark on the University and made it the institution it is today.    

In our Centenary year, we are celebrating these people; people with vision, people with ambition, pioneers who have sought to create a better society, a better world, through scholarship and through research, and people who have dedicated their professional lives to the University, making it a better place.  These are people who have embarked on a journey and succeeded in making their dreams reality.  These are our alumni, our academics, our students, our staff, our community.  These are our inspiring people.