Augustine Egwebe graduating

We now accept record numbers through Clearing at Swansea. Dr Augustine Egwebe who came to Swansea through the Clearing system says Swansea was always his first choice, and following his studies, he stayedto launch his career as a lecturer in Electronics and Engineering. 

“It was the University’s history of research excellence and the career progression pathways it offered that made me stay on and do my PhD,” said Dr Egwebe.  Swansea University with its self-contained campuses manages to combine a strong sense of community with a cosmopolitan feel from being close to the city which makes it perfect for student life.  My friends had also recommended Swansea, so I knew I was making the right choice coming here.  After completing my BEng and PhD here, Swansea now feels like a second home. 

Dr Egwebe had always been interested in supporting others and aa laboratory demonstrator during his PhD studieshis passion grew. He says teaching provides him with the perfect platform to put into practice what he learned as a student: “Being part of a history-making team at the College of Engineering, at the helm of  the latest research and innovation, and being able to teach the next generation of engineers meant I could grow and develop my career as an academic. 

Dr Egwebe believes that innovative and inclusive teaching is the key to student engagement. 

Teaching should be exciting with a contemporary twist,” he said. “I try to incorporate my research into my lectures, and I work with my students on content, so they have a say in what they study.  Student interaction is still such a thrill for me.  Alongside this, I believe dedicated support throughout a student’s career is also essential.  The best part of my job is definitely working with students, to support them to be the best they can be – it's exciting seeing them become the engineers of the future! 

Another of Dr Egwebe’s passion is the fight against climate change, and using his research into renewable energy, he hopes to help make a difference to the issues affecting our climate today. 

For any other students considering coming to Swansea through Clearing, Dr Egwebe has strong words of encouragement: “At Swansea, you are guaranteed a fantastic student experience and excellent academic support.  The University is fully equippedwith excellent staff, novel teaching facilities and an inclusive living environment.   Staff here want the best for you, and if you reach out to them, they will help you on your journey.