Jayne Cornelius is Swansea University’s Sustainable Travel Officer. She joined the University in June 2014 as Travel Plan Coordinator; a year before the opening of the Bay Campus.  

Jayne entered the world of travel planning in 2002 as the Welsh Government Regional Travel Plan Coordinator.   In 2010, she won UK Travel Planner of the Year at the UK Commuter Transport Awards, and in 2016 at the Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport National Awards, she was presented with ‘The Award for Outstanding Contribution to CILT Cymru Wales’.  

What does ‘sustainable travel’ mean to you? 

To me, sustainable travel is about thinking how we travel every day and how it affects our health, the health of others and the environment.  Choosing to travel by bus reduces traffic on the roads and reduces the parking spaces we need. Less cars make for better air quality and reduces the impact we have on finite resources.  Cycling and walking for shorter journeys makes a big difference too.  If the 60% of people currently using cars for short journeys of between one and two miles walked or cycled, we would see so many benefits now and for future generations.  

What steps do you take to make the way you travel more green? 

I made the decision last year to hand in my parking permit, hang up my car keys and instead travel to work daily by bus. 

A photo of Jayne Cornelius with a Santander bike

This does mean catching two buses and the journey time is longerbut I have found that spending this time doing something I enjoy like reading, knitting or listening to music passes the time. Plus, my annual commute bill is just £380 so I save money at the same time as doing my bit for the planet!  

What simple things can we all do to change how we travel? 

The number one thing we can all do is swap the car for cycling and walking for short journeys.  If we all commit to that, it would make a huge difference.  Travel between campuses is free on the bus, or you can cycle and claim cycle mileage.  If staff want to commute by bike to work, they can opt for one of our University-led rides. 

What’s your biggest achievement to date in terms of increasing sustainable travel? 

We have won numerous UK and National Awards for our Sustainable Travel Plan as well as become the first employer and university in Wales to gain Cycle Friendly Employer (UK) accreditation. 

Also, being part of the University campaign to win the first crowdfunded bike hire scheme in the world alongside a group of amazing colleagues was a day to remember.  Seeing students, staff and the public using the Santander bikes makes me very proud of what we have achieved together.