Headshot of John Fulton

John Fulton came to Swansea in 1947, to replace C A Edwards as Principal. Educated at one of Oxford’s most cerebral Colleges, Balliol, Fulton had also spent the war years in the corridors of power, where he made friends with people like William Beveridge and Harold Wilson. Between 1947 and 1959, Fulton helped change the very nature of Swansea University. He brought his opinions about a liberal approach to higher education with him and remoulded the curriculum as a result. He also put in place plans to revolutionise campus life at the College, with a huge expansion of the Singleton Park site, and the building of academic buildings, halls of residence towers, and College House- which was renamed Fulton House when he died in 1986. Fulton left Swansea to become the pioneering Vice-chancellor of Sussex University. He was later knighted and then made Lord Fulton of Falmer in 1966.