Yamni Nigam receiving an award

Professor Yamni Nigam is a world-renowned expert on the science and therapeutic use of maggots.

She has dedicated years of research into medicinal maggots and is passionate about engaging with communities and organisations through the "Love a Maggot" campaign.

Professor Nigam said: “Many people are at risk of developing non-healing wounds, including people who suffer from diabetes, or those who may have vascular problems.

With the Love a Maggot campaign we are aiming to raise awareness of the use of living maggots as a clinical treatment to help clear and heal chronic wounds and hopefully break down the stigma surrounding maggot therapy.”

Professor Nigam is currently funded to investigate the development of a new antibiotic from larval secretions, and to examine antimicrobial factors in other species of invertebrates.

She is a member of the Welsh Wound Network group, a member of the British Society for Parasitology and an Elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society. She is also a trained STEM Ambassador, delivering interactive sessions on microbiology and entomology to pupils at local schools.

In November 2018, she was honoured by the Princess Royal when she received the National WISE Award for Innovation for her maggot research and STEM Ambassador roles.  She said: “I was thrilled to have won and plan to work even more closely with the WISE campaign. 

I am passionate about science and determined to do what I can to promote more girls becoming enthralled with, and pursuing STEM subjects.  It’s such an important mission and one which I will happily devote my time to.”