ADRe – Giving Patients a Voice in their Own Medicines

ADRe is designed for use by nursing staff (NVQ level 3-5 or above), the professionals closest to patients. By using ADRe complex information on drugs is combined into a checklist providing advice on common problems. This helps nurses recognise and act on adverse drug reaction, including pain, dental pain, aggression, peptic ulcers, and sedation. In doing so, it greatly enhances the administration of medicines, and by capturing this individualised picture of the patients’ health and well-being prompts prescribers to refine dosages.

ADRe is very simple to use:

  1. Nurses use the Profile to check and record problems that might be related to prescribed medicine.
  2. Nurses solve some problems, e.g. dental pain, dehydration, by referrals or paying closer attention to intake.
  3. Nurses share the completed ADRe Profile with prescribers (GPs or specialists), who decide prescriptions and doses.
  4. Repeating the Profile one month later ensures no new issues have arisen.


You can request a copy of the full tool, or even try out part of our digital app by registering.

(ADRe was formerly known as WWADR, the West Wales Adverse Drug Reaction Profile)

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