Danygraig Residential Home

Danygraig Residential Home is a 48-bed Dementia Speciality care home situated on the outskirts of Porthcawl.

Jo Cass is the Manager at Danygraig House, currently waiting to apply as Registered Manager and has been using the Swansea University Adverse Reactions (ADRe) Medicines Management Profile to assess her residents.

Joanne explains:

“I have a keen interest in enhancing my clinical skills in the area that I work, and a professional interest in older person’s mental health. In addition to this, the wellbeing of our residents is paramount and any newly gained skills will benefit all. I regularly meet clinical members of the mental health team and share information on concerns or progress of the residents who live here. My feedback and that of my team are first line and any methods of enhancing my assessment of needs are encouraged.”

“The ADRe tool has encouraged a holistic approach to reviewing residents who take medications specific to this study.”

“As Manager at Danygraig House, myself and Deputy Manager Judith remain focused on clinical input, in addition to resident focused person-centred approaches of dementia care. We know our residents well, and profiling is of the utmost importance when composing individual care plans. As Judith and I both have many years of Nursing experience as backgrounds, we have an interest in enhancing clinical awareness too.”

“I am looking forward to contributing to this study in addition to my new role as Manager at Danygraig House.”


Other success stories...

" I use the checklist routinely in my practice and for the few minutes it takes, it provides a patient centred care for the person which makes it worthwhile. It has made me reflect and think of things that I wouldn't have prior to using the profile". 

Sue Levey, Home Manager

"The WWADR profiles are really useful and the staff are more educated and informed about drug reactions. The increase in staff confidence has made a big difference to medication management for the service users in our care."

Paula Aplin 

“The tool increased the nurse's knowledge and improved attitudes towards accountability. It increased confidence helped to identify side effects and change medications”.

Aldo Picek- Care Home Manager

“The profile has proved very useful and has increased staff awareness, thinking and confidence in medication management. As a result, in some cases, we have reduced drug use, noticed behaviour changes and less agitation in our patients. A real gain has been a more contented patient”.

Diane Hately Care Home Manager