Applies to students who have officially enrolled at the University

Requesting a refund

If you have made an overpayment or your tuition fees have been reduced due to a late sponsor notification or you have suspended or withdrawn from your program you may request a refund from

Refunds can be given in exceptional circumstances, at the University's discretion.

International student deposit

The international student deposit of £4,000 is refundable only in the event of a student being refused a visa to study full time in the UK (documentary evidence must be produced) or a student failing to meet the University's entry requirements.

Payment of the refund

Once it is established that a refund is payable the ensuing payment must be refunded to the original payer using the same method of payment as the original remittance due to UK Anti Money Laundering Legislation requirements.

Refund due to Withdrawal/Suspension

If you withdraw from your program early (or Suspend your studies) your tuition fee costs may be adjusted pro-rata based on your last date of attendance (see how your fees are adjusted section below)The adjusted fee amount will depend on your cohort, course status and domicile.


  • No application for a refund of fees will be considered unless a withdrawal or suspension has been fully approved by your 'home' department/Academic Services and processed by the Student Record Office
  • Where an international student enrols but withdraws or suspends during the first 2 weeks of term, the University will retain £1000 of the fee paid
  • If you have been awarded a University bursary to cover part/full fees the bursary will be adjusted pro-rata using the same calculation methods as set out in the section below
  • Any overpayment of tuition fees arising from a Suspension of studies will be automatically carried forward into the next Academic Session. The credit will be used to offset any fee liability upon resumption of studies. Students can, however, make a formal application for a refund at the point of suspension via
  • If after a period of suspension you resume studies at the start of the next Academic year you will become liable for the full course costs for that year
  • If an International student is suspended or withdrawn for 'non-attendance' the date submitted to the UKBA will be used for fee recalculation purposes


How your fees are adjusted


Refunds specific to Covid - 19

In addition to the University’s standard conditions below, your deposit will be refunded if one of the following conditions, specific to Covid-19 are met:

  • There is a significant change to the method of delivery of the course for example if online teaching replaces face to face teaching (for more than 4 weeks)
  • Travel restrictions mean that you (the student) cannot travel to Swansea
  • You (the student) or your family are adversely affected by the pandemic, either medically or financially, so that your study at Swansea is no longer viable (proof may be required)

Refunds are not available if you (the student) decide to defer your start date, or for any reasons not related to Covid-19 unless already covered under the University’s standard conditions.