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This is modern day engineering - it’s not all about getting your hands dirty!

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering involves the designing and making of things ranging from automotive, aerospace and power generation through to raw material recovery, recycling and more. It’s modern day engineering, which means it’s not all about getting your hands dirty and working in overalls. It’s a discipline with a leading edge in technology, with more and more new emerging industries dependent on it.

If you are a creative person who is interested in design and the application of Maths and Physics to make something tangible, then Mechanical Engineering is right for you.

Here at Swansea, you are in good hands as we are a world-leader in Computational Methods which is very desirable in industry. Not only does our speciality have industrial relevance, it makes us highly competitive as a Mechanical Engineering department that produces competitive graduates, as proven by our employability stats.

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