How we plan to improve accessibility in

The roadmap outlines how and when you plan to improve accessibility on the website. Here are some of the planned actions:

  • Review image descriptions and use of headings across the website and improve them.
  • Monitor areas using the Silk tide Platform.
  • Review and improve the course page by:
    • Fixing the page flow of reading order and keyboard tabbing.
    • Adding table captions to module information tables.
  • Review and improve the site search by:
    • Addressing the issue of filters only by having a visual cue, by providing cues for other senses.
    • Adding a helpful error message when no results are found.
    • Investigating adding a results total into the search results page.
  • Review controls that have insufficient contrast and apply fixes where possible.
  • Address any issues with forms that are not third party.
  • Address the lack of focus ring on the course page navigation bar.
  • Actively monitor the site’s accessibility over the next 12 months using the Silk tide platform.