What kind of work and hours are available?

The maximum hours for Student Route Visa students to work in the UK is printed on your visa or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) e.g. 20 hours per week. You can do most kinds of work, but you must not:

  • be self-employed
  • be employed as a professional sportsperson including as a sports coach
  • be employed as an entertainer
  • take a permanent full-time job
  • Work as a doctor or dentist in training, unless you are on the foundation programme.

You can find advertisements for jobs in your local newspapers, in shops, on notice boards around the university or college, in the careers service or your Students' Union. There are many job search websites and job agencies. If you have a specific job in mind you may also consider taking your CV into the company or emailing it to them.

National Insurance

Everyone who works in the UK must pay National Insurance (NI) contributions. If you have a part-time job offer or can provide evidence that you are actively seeking work you can apply for a NI number. Your National Insurance number (NI No) is a unique personal number that is used to record your National Insurance contributions. Please contact Student Services for further information on how to apply for an NI number once you arrive at The College, Swansea University. Employees and employers both pay National Insurance contributions, which help to fund contributory benefits, for example, the state pension and jobseeker's allowance.

You will also have to pay income tax if you earn more than a specified personal allowance in any tax year. You can find out more about personal allowances and income tax rates from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.