Understanding all the new terms and acronyms can be a bit difficult at first. Here are some that you will find handy in your first few weeks.

Alumni Any student who has graduated from your University
Census Date The last day you may withdraw from a course or subject without incurring financial cost
Co-requisite A subject which must be completed successfully before another subject
Core Subject A subject which is needed to complete your degree
Credits The amount of points you must complete to graduate
Deferment Postponing a course by one or two semesters
DVC Deputy Vice Chancellor
Elective Non-compulsory subject
Honours Optional year of study to increase knowledge
Hurdle requirement A compulsory piece of assessment that must be passed to pass the subject
Plagiarism A reproduction of someone’s else's work without acknowledgment
Postgraduate A university qualification undertaken after a bachelor degree
Prerequisite A subject that must be completed before enrolling
Undergraduate A student currently studying for their bachelor degree
VC Vice Chancellor