I am an ecologist and modeller, focusing on the consequences of environmental change on biodiversity, wildlife, invasive species and host-parasite interactions. My interests include questions of how insights from demographic and epidemiological dynamics, species range dynamics and bio-geographic patterns can be used to identify key processes for optimizing conservation and pest control efforts and the prevention of disease spread under different environmental scenarios and policy schemes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Wildlife ecology and management
  • Disease ecology
  • Eco-epidemiology
  • Ecohealth and One Health
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation biology


  1. & Opsin genes of select treeshrews resolve ancestral character states within Scandentia. Royal Society Open Science
  2. & Individual and temporal variation in pathogen load predicts long-term impacts of an emerging infectious disease. Ecology 100(3), e02613
  3. & Climate variation influences host specificity in avian malaria parasites. Ecology Letters 22(3), 547-557.
  4. & Global patterns in helminth host specificity: phylogenetic and functional diversity of regional host species pools matter. Ecography 42(3), 416-427.
  5. & Disentangling synergistic disease dynamics: Implications for the viral biocontrol of rabbits. Journal of Animal Ecology 87(5), 1418-1428.

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  • BIO347 Tropical Ecology and Conservation - Borneo Field Trip

    Borneo is a hot spot for biodiversity both in regards to terrestrial and marine ecosystems. This module is a residential field course which will explore ecological and conservation principles in tropical rainforests and marine ecosystems.


  • Global distribution of Helminth parasites and congruence with vertebrate assemblages (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof Luca Borger