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Professor Luca Borger

Professor, Biosciences

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Academic Office - 137
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Wallace Building
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I am an ecologist, interested in quantitatively assessing environmental change impacts on local and global biodiversity and identifying the underlying individual- and community-level mechanistic processes (movement, traits, demography, interactions) to develop predictive models and derive policies for sustainable life on earth. I hold a Chair in Ecology and Biodiversity, am co-Director of the Centre for Biomathematics at Swansea University, and am the Chair/Secretary of the Movement Ecology Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society. Before doing science I worked as professional free-lance musician (french horn – classical music and some jazz).

You might find my name written also as 'Luca Börger' or 'Luca Boerger' - it's always me.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Movement ecology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Population ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Spatial ecology
  • Biodiversity
  • Natural resource management
  • Conservation

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
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I currently teach the 2nd year module BIO252 Ecological Data Analysis, which introduces students to the basics of analyzing ecological data, using the R Software Environment for Statistical Computing. Furthermore, every year I teach workshops on movement ecology, at Swansea University and abroad, for graduate students, postdocs, academics and practitioners.  Other modules previously taught at Swansea University include: Trends in Science (MRes module), Literature Review (MSc/MRes module), Ecology of Marine Megafauna (3rd year module).

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I am broadly interested in behavioural, population and community ecology, including management applications and methodological aspects. My work is not system specific but question-driven - broadly concerning responses to environmental change spanning from individual to biodiversity levels - and as such I work on contrasting study systems (invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants), using observational, experimental, statistical and mathematical approaches. My lab is the Biodiversity Dynamics and Movement Ecology lab (BioMove), part also of the Swansea Laboratory for Animal Movement (SLAM). Furthermore I am co-Director of the Swansea Centre for Biomathematics.


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I enjoy collaborations and all my work is based on them. I collaborate with ecologists, conservationists, mathematicians and statisticians, engineers, managers and policy makers. My main collaborators are based in Europe (which includes the UK - bien sure!), Africa, Brazil, North America, and Australia. The main government agencies and NGOs I collaborate with are the NRW and Durrell Conservation Trust in the UK, the ISPRA Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the French Hunting and Wildlife Management Agency (ONCFS - now part of the OFB), the National Parks & Conservation Service of Mauritius and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, and the IPÊ (Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas) in Brazil.