Dr Meghdad Fazeli

Dr Meghdad Fazeli

Senior Lecturer, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

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+44 (0) 1792 602768

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Office - 116
First Floor
Energy Safety Research Institute
Bay Campus
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Reducing greenhouse gas emission is no longer a choice, but an urgency to save the planet from a catastrophe. Decarbonisation of power systems, as a major source of carbon dioxide emission, plays a vital role in achieving the targets and save the planet from a human-made disaster.

Since 2007 Dr Fazeli’s research has been focused on the integration and control of renewable energy with the power systems.

The ever-increasing penetration of renewable energy units has been causing numerous challenges for the network operators and has put the power networks on the verge of instability. Balancing the intermittent generation with demand, reduction in the system inertia, and reduction in the Short Circuit Level are just couple of challenges that power networks encounters as more renewables are integrated with the grid.

Dr Fazeli’s research aims to provide innovative solutions for these challenges, in order to enable a carbon-free electricity network. 

Because of his research on Virtual Synchronous Machines, Dr Fazeli was invited by National Grid (ESO) to join their VSM expert workgroup, where he contributed in developing the technical specifications for VSMs.

Dr Fazeli is also the founder/director of Innoverters-Ltd, a Swansea University spin-out, aiming to provide consultancy and innovative solutions for challenges of future power systems (based on his inventions).


Dr Fazeli’s teaching approach, which is student orientated, utilizes “Blended Learning” methods to provide students with a variety of resources for a deep and better learning. For example, Dr Fazeli records all his lectures, uploads the lecture notes in advance, and incorporates modelling with MATLAB-SIMULINK to his lectures. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Micro/smart- grids
  • Virtual Synchronous Machines
  • Ancillary services in future power systems
  • Power quality
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Generation and load forecast using Artificial Intelligence

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Dr Fazeli is the coordinator for the following modules:

  • EG-342: Power Systems
  • EGLM07: Power Systems with Project
  • EGLM05: Advanced Power Systems
  • EGLM114: Computational Case Study in Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy
  • EG-D05 MSc Dissertation - Electrical Engineering