Dr Helen Harper

Tutor, Geography
Office - 230
Second Floor
Wallace Building
Singleton Campus


I study the response of northern alpine permafrost regions to climatic changes over various spatiotemporal scales. The focus of my research is on permafrost- and vegetation dynamics and carbon release. I use palynology (pollen analysis) to reconstruct late Holocene vegetation assemblages, and satellite remote sensing to model past (decadal scale) land surface temperatures and surface greenness (NDVI). I am also interested in the controls that different ecosystem properties and geomorphological processes have on carbon release from the ground surface in periglacial environments. My main study area is Jotunheimen in southern Norway.

I hold a PhD in Physical Geography (Swansea University, 2022), an MSc in Ecosystem Services (University of Edinburgh, 2015) and a BA in Geography and Development Studies (King’s College London, 2013).

Areas Of Expertise

  • Arctic and alpine ecology
  • Palynology
  • Permafrost dynamics
  • Satellite remote sensing

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Taught modules:

GEG100 Geographical skills

GEG132 Introduction to Earth Systems

GEG133 Natural Hazards and Society

GEG277 Geographical Methods and Approaches

GEG278 Data Analysis and Dissertation Preparation Skills

GEG252L Geographical Fieldwork Skills: Exploring Geographical Themes in Swansea and south Wales