Your 10 days professional development

The Concordat includes reference to researchers having opportunities, structured support, encouragement, and time to engage in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year. As a signatory to the Concordat, Swansea has a commitment to support research staff careers, recognising the importance of professional development:

Our institution must provide opportunities, support and time for researchers to engage in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year.
Our funders must incorporate specific professional development requirements in relevant funding calls, terms and conditions, grant reporting, and policies. This should include researchers’ engagement in a minimum of 10 days’ professional development pro rata per year. 
Our managers of researchers must allocate a minimum of 10 days pro rata, per year, for their researchers to engage with professional development, supporting researchers to balance the delivery of their research and their own professional development.
Our researchers must take ownership of their career, identifying opportunities to work towards career goals, including engaging in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year.
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How can I use these 10 days?

We see training and development as a mixture of workshops, training, mentoring, coaching, attending events like conferences, joining (or creating) networks or representing researchers in the University.  Any opportunity that gives researchers the chance to develop skills and experience to support their career and professional development counts towards the ten days.

Career development is your responsibility but we are here to support you every step of the way.  Taking a structured approach makes a big difference - so we advice you research it, plan it and discuss your plans with your PI or line manager to come up with a personal development plan. You could use the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) planner, to aid you with your planning.


Our staff ABW system stores your learning and development experiences.

In addition, we strongly encourage staff to discuss their career development requirements during their annual review