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Developing your Skills

We proudly support the growth of our research colleagues. We want you to fulfil your potential and grow with us as we strive to meet our missions, values and ambitions.

Our Development and Training Services team are committed to providing a range of services for all career pathways, to aid your personal and professional development. This includes development to support leadership and management, learning, teaching and research, technical, operational and IT Training, personal performance… and much more!

DTS work with a range of other training providers across campus, such as Research, Innovation & Engagement Services (REIS), ISS, Sustainability and the Health & Safety Office to create an exceptional training and professional development resource to underpin your research and career aspirations.  Swansea is a forward looking and ambitious University, with a genuine interest in developing your talents.

Research, Innovation & Engagement Services (REIS) provide a range of support to help ensure that any of your funding or grant applications are structured before submission to have the highest possible chance of success. 

To find out more about how we can support you through your journey with the University, speak to you line manager or mentor. Or, if you prefer, please feel free to contact us directly:

Developing your Professional Talents

Professional development is both an attitude and a process. There are as many ways to develop your skills and talents as there are ways to learn. The key is a desire to be better!

Different approaches suit different situations and people, and the very different range of skills you might need to develop. 

Don't assume that just because you are a researcher who is bright and intelligent and used to learning new techniques or approaches, that all skills can be acquired the same way.  

Take a look at the Researcher Development Framework in more detail to discover the competencies that the UK Research Councils and commercial/industrial employers consider every researcher should be aiming to build and consider how you measure up.

The critically important 'soft', interpersonal, team working and people management techniques are amongst those most effectively learnt by a combination of different routes.  The ideal mix includes some background theory, specially constructed training, and most of all putting the learning into practice for yourself.