Terms of Reference

Key role:

The Research Staff Working Group shall oversee the delivery of the Concordat Action Plan to support the Career Development of Research Staff. A definition of the term ‘Research Staff’ is provided in Annex 1.

1. Terms of Reference:

  1. to recognise the crucial contribution that research staff make to our internationally excellent and world-leading research;
  2. to monitor and review the University’s on-going application of the Concordat to support the career development of researchers;
  3. to receive reports on the action plan projects identified in the Concordat and oversee the renewal process of the HR Excellence in Research Award;
  4. to receive recommendations from Research Staff;
  5. to benchmark the University’s performance against other institutions (e.g. through tools such as CEDARS), and where necessary initiating amendments to the Concordat action plan;
  6. to ensure appropriate channels are used to engage with Research Staff (e.g. via RSWG representatives, L & D Manager, Directors of Research)
  7. to oversee the professional services support for research staff, including recruitment, induction, appraisal, retention, training and career development activities, ensuring a fair and consistent approach across the University;
  8. to highlight issues related to Research Staff within the University, proposing University-wide solutions.

2. Composition:

  • Chair:- PVC – Research & Innovation (or nominee) (Professor P Nithiarasu)
  • Director of Human Resources (or nominee)
  • Head of Swansea Employability Academy (SEA)
  • Equality & Diversity Representative
  • Communications Officer REIS
  • Learning & Development Manager
  • Research Librarian
  • Recognition & Reward Representative
  • Recruitment & Selection Representative
  • Minimum of two Researchers from each Faculty (to be nominated by Head of Faculty/Directors of Research)
  • Trade Union Representation

Reports to: Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

3. Frequency of Meetings:

  1. One meeting to take place twice per academic year;
  2. Membership to be reviewed at least annually;
  3. Frequency of meetings to reviewed at least annually.

4. Confidentiality:

There may be occasions where agenda items need to be discussed in confidence. These items will be identified and Group members are required to keep such matters confidential between themselves and other members of the group.

ANNEX 1: Research Staff Definition.

We define researchers as:

  • ‘Individuals whose primary responsibility is to conduct research and who are employed for this purpose.'

This includes all staff on Research grades 7 to 9. Job titles may include Research Assistant, Research Officer, Senior Research Officer, Research Fellow.

We recognise that ‘research staff’ refers to a wide range of staff including those with different disciplinary backgrounds:

  • varying levels of training
  • a wide variety of different experiences and responsibility types
  • different types of contract (fixed or open ended, full or part time)
  • diverse career expectations

January 2021