Episode 8: How can we improve healthcare for autistic people?

In this episode

Autistic people have worse physical and mental health than their allistic (non-Autistic) peers. This includes dying between 16 and 30 years early. Deficit narratives of Autism, discrimination towards Autistic people and significant healthcare inaccessibility all contribute to this.

In this episode, Dr Aimee Grant discusses how their research looks to uncover Autistic people’s lived experiences and healthcare needs to reduce and reverse health inequalities.

About our expert

Dr Aimee Grant, an Autistic academic and Senior Lecturer in Public Health, in collaboration with researchers at the Centre for Lactation, Infant Feeding and Translational ResearchAutistic UK and Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales has been working with Autistic people to understand the differences in Autistic experiences of healthcare, including in relation to pregnancy, pregnancy loss and feeding babies.

Their Wellcome Trust fellowship, 'Autism from menstruation to menopause' will work with Autistic people to understand their everyday lives and reproductive health needs for eight years.

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