International Strategic Partnerships

Our highly-successful International Strategic Partnerships have allowed us to form excellent academic networks, resulting in joint grant applications, conferences and journal submissions.  We are able to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities based at our partner institutions including those at Universitie Grenoble Aples, and the universities within our Texas Strategic Partnership, and furthering strategic engagement by being part of the Jiangsu–UK 20+20 World-Class University Consortium.

Enhancing the global economy through collaboration

Collaborative working with key local industries has been a major part of our success story over the last century. Today, our research has impact on every continent; from projects with The Public Health Agency of Sweden, to the Japan Bioassay Research Center.

Research infographic collaborating with 30+ charities
Research infographic over 120+ global collaborations
Research infographic 80+ research projects with businesses
Infographic saying collaborations with organisations in 53 countries worldwide
infographic saying over 500 business research partnerships

Our advantageous location

Perfectly positioned next to the sea, and close to Tata Steel Port Talbot, our location allows us to demonstrate some of our world leading research in steel and blue economy. We also work closely with the Swansea Bay University Health Board undertaking ground-braking research in medicine and health sciences. Jointly working with SME’s and global companies has resulted in helping in the development of greener, cleaner, smarter steel, saving the industry money and lessening the impact on the environment.