Anonymous patient sitting in bed having hands photographed by person wearing full PPE

31 October 2022

Experts highlight link between hand size difference and Covid-19 severity

The Covid Memorial Wall in London

28 October 2022

Covid-19: Independent study to look at experiences of bereavement and the UK’s handling of the pan

Illustration of blue beam of light, which represents a proton beam targeting a blue cell, which represent a cancer cell.

27 October 2022

New project to develop next-generation radiotherapy cancer treatments

A woman wrapped in a blanket and wearing a thick jumper and gloves looks at a laptop while holding a utility bill in her hand.

27 October 2022

Cost of living crisis having significant impact on mental health, study shows

A group of students sat at a table using laptops

27 October 2022

Swansea University excels in latest global subject rankings

A mathematical equation written in chalk on a blackboard

26 October 2022

More than £20 million awarded for UK theoretical physics

Man in suit and tie standing by a sign for a conference

25 October 2022

Professor continues to champion academic integrity on international stage

(Left to right) Fayon Dixon, broadcaster and awards host, Gabrielle Orbaek White, Xiaojun Yin, Dr Patricia Xavier and Kamini Edgley, Director of Safety and Engineering at Network Rail.

25 October 2022

Engineering at Swansea University Recognised for Innovation of the Year

Swansea University students from Ukraine, with staff members. The event gave students a chance to find out more about Swansea and the help available to them.

20 October 2022

Ukrainian students given official welcome to Swansea University

Immersive wall simulation suite with a manikin on a trolley

19 October 2022

University creating state-of-art simulation facilities to train future health professionals

The μ-rheometer evaluates liquid properties such as viscosity using fingerpick samples in the shortest time possible.

19 October 2022

New diagnostic tool could deliver health test results in two minutes

Head and shoulders photos of two smiling women

18 October 2022

Swansea University academics share their findings at public talks

Disposable blue facemask being discarded into black bin.

17 October 2022

Green chemistry transforms facemasks into Ethernet cables

A drone flies over a crop field; the way in which technology has transformed the field of pest control was one of the themes of the Swansea conference

13 October 2022

A sustainable approach to food pest control - Swansea hosts major international expert conference

Group of small children on a pitch kicking footballs

10 October 2022

Post-Covid study reveals children want more space and time to play

Step out to support suicide prevention charity

7 October 2022

Step out to support suicide prevention charity

A Streaked Shearwater fl ying over the ocean. Photo credit: Yusuke Goto.

7 October 2022

Groundbreaking research finds pelagic seabirds fly into the eye of the storm

A group photo of this year’s IEEC attendees.

6 October 2022

Swansea University hosts prestigious International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2022

As well as the survey, Freja Petrie (pictured) is also using impact-sensing mouthguards (in box, pictured) and video analysis to understand how women’s rugby players experience their head impacts during matches.

6 October 2022

Rugby players past and present urged to help research on head impacts and concussion

Hugh Gustafson, Swansea University’s Rugby Performance Manager

5 October 2022

Ospreys and Swansea University: a pathway for rugby talent in Wales

The Swansea Science Festival Family Weekend at the Waterfront Museum

5 October 2022

Swansea University announces biggest Swansea Science Festival lineup to date

Aaron Todd (right) with Filipino colleagues. He conducted fieldwork with a team of eight researchers across two river catchments, collecting water and sediment samples

5 October 2022

Mining vital metals without harming the environment – rivers expert involved in Philippines project

Stan Addicott holding a copy of A Century of Sport

4 October 2022

Swansea University sports stars celebrated in new book

Bee1 founder Mark Douglas and the beekeeping volunteers standing next to the hive on Singleton Campus.

4 October 2022

New wellbeing project creating a buzz at Swansea University

Left: white blood cells (coloured green and blue) isolated from human blood that have been fed with human myelin (red) to mimic myelin breakdown seen in MS. Arrows point to some cells which have ‘eaten’ the myelin. Right: the same cells after treatment

4 October 2022

Tissue bank visit by Swansea expert will help boost multiple sclerosis research in Wales

Wales Stem Award 2022 logo.

3 October 2022

Two Swansea University programmes shortlisted in the Wales STEM Awards

Group of school pupils standing in line in a school hall with two teachers

3 October 2022

University helps pupils to put biorefinery in the spotlight