SU Welfare Officer Liza Leibowitz in Singleton Park where the new lighting is to be installed.

SU Welfare Officer Liza Leibowitz in Singleton Park where the new lighting is to be installed.

Singleton Park is set to get a new stretch of lighting to help keep students and staff safe.

An agreement has been reached between Swansea University Students’ Union, Swansea University and Swansea Council to install more lighting along the path leading from the park’s main gates.

This comes after students raised concerns over safety and the ability to see their surroundings while walking through the park.

The Students’ Union and University have agreed to fund the installation of the new lighting. As part of the work, an ecological survey has been conducted and approval given to the project. Work has already begun as is set to be completed this summer.

SU Welfare Officer Liza Leibowitz said: “This is excellent news for Swansea University students and the local community too. I’m so pleased that after years of to continued student feedback, we have managed to reach this agreement.

“These new lights will provide an added level of safety assurance for students and our local neighbours. I’d like to thank SU Officers past and present for their work on this project, and the students for giving us the feedback that has allowed us to reach this point.

"Swansea Council has also been extremely helpful, it has done all the groundwork and supported us tremendously. It has ensured the lighting is environmentally friendly and won’t impact the eco system in the park which is great.

“I hope the new lighting will provide an added level of reassurance for students while they are a part of our community.”

Greg Ducie, the University's Director of Estates and Campus Services added: “The safety of our community is our utmost priority and we are really pleased this project to light up a portion of the park is coming to fruition.

“The improved lighting will support the safety measures we have put in place, including safety app Safezone, to ensure our students and staff can enjoy the outstanding experience we offer here at Swansea, both on and off campus.”

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