Why Graduate Entry Medicine at Swansea?

Our Graduate Entry Medicine Programme (MBBCh) is unique in Wales, and one of a small group of similar programmes of medical study in the UK. It is an innovative, 4-year accelerated medical degree open to graduates of any discipline.

What is the course structure?

The curriculum has been structured to reflect the way in which clinicians approach patients and how patients present to doctors.  Basic biomedical sciences are learnt in the context of clinical medicine, public health, pathology, therapeutics, ethics and psycho-social issues in patient management.

How can I tailor my studies?

You will engage in a high level of clinical contact from the outset including self-selected Learning Opportunities in the Clinical Setting (LOCS), clinical apprenticeships, junior assistantships, specialty attachments and community based learning. This, together with a high emphasis on clinical and communication skills, will provide you with everything you’ll need to practise medicine competently and confidently.

What are we looking for when interviewing for Medicine?

We believe these attributes make the most successful doctors: 

  • Clear communication skills
  • An aptitude for problem solving
  • The ability to cope under pressue
  • A keen sense of insight and integrity 
  • A passion for medicine and resilience to succeed
Tips for Medical School Interviews

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What if I haven't got an undergraduate degree already?

Pathways to Medicine

Our Medicine degree is Graduate Entry, meaning you need to have a degree in order to apply to study Medicine with us. If you are applying for undergraduate Medicine degrees and are looking for a 5th choice for your UCAS application, or you have a passion you want to pursue before undertaking medical study, our Pathways to Medicine are ideal for you. Our Pathways to Medicine degrees will give you the opportunity to secure a guaranteed interview for our Medicine Programme by the time you graduate.

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