18/19 Eira Francis Scholarship Awardee

Lynn, who is from Zimbabwe, was the recipient of the 18/19 Eira Francis Davies Scholarship and studied MSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology.

Prior to starting her MSc degree in Swansea, Lynn was working as a preschool teaching assistant and as an intern Clinical Psychologist. 

We chat to Lynn below to find out more about her course, life in Swansea and how the Eira Francis Davies Scholarship has impacted her life.

Lynn EFD winner

Meet Lynn Chiedza Zata ...

How do you feel about being awarded this scholarship?

The Eira Davies scholarship changed my life. It awarded me an opportunity to materialize my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist. I am overjoyed and eternally grateful for the fact that i have been given a chance to advance my career  and exposure to a more developed environment which has opened my eyes to various ways in which the health care system of my home country can be improved.

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

I obtained a BSc in Psychology from the University of Zimbabwe in 2014 and started working at Blessed Angels preschool as a teaching assistant. There my responsibility was assisting in conducting lessons for children with learning difficulties. I enjoyed working with children but soon realized my knowledge was limited and that I needed further training in order to make any significant difference. I therefore registered with the allied health practitioners council of Zimbabwe (AHPCZ) to work as an intern clinical psychologist.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

What appealed to me the most is that Swansea university offers quality education in a holistic and  multi-cultural environment.  What Swansea offered, was an opportunity to learn and share experiences from different parts of the world, different perspectives on mental health and an array of ways used in management of mental disorders. Not only would this equip me with knowledge but also help me experience the various cultures and values to sharpen my interpersonal skills all which i believe are essential when building a career as a psychologist. 

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

I would definitely recommend Swansea University to other students. Studying at Swansea guarantees receiving quality education and an internationally recognised degree in the most friendly and comfortable environment. There are countless resources to support ones study and the university staff and students are all friendly and welcoming and offer ample support in all areas which makes the transition into a new environment so much easier.

How do you find Swansea as a place to study and live?

I have particularly enjoyed both living and studying in Swansea.  It is a very beautiful , friendly and safe environment which allows one to completely feel at ease and focus on your studies. I have enjoyed exploring the different parts of Swansea , experiencing the Welsh culture and being able to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

My hope for the future is to become a certified clinical psychologist and help bring about change in the mental health care system in Zimbabwe.  My goal is not only to provide quality and specialist services but to also inspire  and train others to pursue clinical psychology in order to improve the quality and accessibility of psychosocial services in Zimbabwe. I also hope to use the knowledge and skill I have obtained from my studies to conduct research and publish informative articles that can help raise awareness of mental health disorders and the need for provision of psychosocial services.