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The Legal Centre at the School of Law

Members of the public can benefit from free legal advice through the University’s Law Clinic, housed in the School’s Legal Centre. Working alongside practising lawyers, law and criminology students gain practical experience of advising clients on issues ranging from welfare benefits and consumer issues, to contracts, employment, and equality.

From 2018, the Legal Centre will also house the Children’s Legal Centre. This Wales-wide, bilingual service provides information and access to legal advice and representation for children and young people, and advocates for reform in law, policy and practice. 

Learning Opportunities

The School offers experiential learning opportunities through:

  • A Miscarriage of Justice Project, where students work on a real-life criminal case where all appeals have been exhausted but there are concerns that the client is innocent. Students work with professionals to find fresh evidence and/or new legal arguments to establish whether there are grounds to refer the case to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Find out more about the Miscarriage of Justice Module
  • A Street Law module, where students prepare and deliver educational workshops on human rights-related legal topics to schools or community groups. Read about our Street Law Module
  • Clinical Legal Education. Find out about our Module in Clinical Legal Education
  • Human rights-based approaches to research with children, where students gain transferable skills and knowledge of undertaking case work with child clients in a civil or criminal justice process. Read about our Street Law Module