Information on Registering with Police

As of 1st August 2022, the requirement that meant some students had to register with the Police has been removed. This means that students do not need to register on arrival to the UK and students who are already here in the UK will not need to update any existing Police Registration Certificate.

The UKVI and the Police have recognised that a lot of the information collected as part of the Police Registration process is already collected at other points of the visa application process and, as a result, have decided that the requirement to register will end immediately.

We have provided answers to some of your frequently asked questions below:

What will happen to those who have already registered / What do I do if I have already registered? 

The requirement will fall away for those who have already registered; any changes, including address, should be communicated directly by completing a UKVI change of circumstance form 

What if I have already booked an appointment to register with MyUniHub?

Your appointment will be automatically cancelled and you won't need to attend. You will keep your current visa but you just won’t need to register or update a pre-existing certificate. If you apply for a new UK visa in the future, the Police Registration requirement will be removed from your new grant of leave.

Should I keep my Police Registration Certificate?

You don’t need to keep your old certificate. You will not be required to submit the certificate in any future visa application nor present it to a Police officer or an immigration officer. If you apply to extend your visa in the UK, you will not need to show evidence of any past registration using that the certificate. 

I have already paid my fee to register. Will I get my money back?

No. The fee you paid to the police is to cover the cost of administering and processing your application to register when the requirement to register was still applicable.

If I have already registered, am I still required to notify the police of any changes?

No. The Police Registration Scheme has now come to an end and it is no longer possible to update any certificate that you already hold. However, any change of address or personal details should be reported directly to the UKVI using a UKVI change of circumstance form