Ceri Robbins, Clinical Skills Technician in the College of Human and Health Sciences, recently lent a hand to help transform a Clinical Skills Lab in the Prince Philip Hospital, into a male changing room for Doctors to use during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ceri worked at the Prince Philip Hospital for five years as Clinical Skills Technician in the Medical Education team, before recently joining Swansea University, and as Ceri has thorough understanding and experience of dismantling all of the equipment used in the Clinical Skills Lab, she offered her help to get the room ready quickly.

Ceri helped to dismantle and store away equipment such as venepuncture arms, ABGs, and lumbar puncture models, to name but a few pieces of equipment.

Ceri also identified what items of equipment might be useful on wards, such as aprons, gloves and Sharps Bins, and reminded staff of the equipment that her team had purchased previously – such as blood pressure monitors and tympanic thermometers.

The hospital has been separated into areas treating patients with confirmed COVID-19, known as the ‘red’ area, and non-infected patient areas with no crossover allowed between them for staff.

Ceri Robbins comments:

“It was a pleasure to help my former colleagues in Prince Philip. We all need to step up and do whatever we can to help the NHS at this time. I was more than happy to help them at this time of crisis.”

The College of Human and Health Sciences is extremely proud of the lengths that Ceri went to in order to support the fight against COVID-19.

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