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What do others students think about going global?

Don't just take our word for it... hear what your fellow students thought about their experience overseas. If you've been abroad yourself and would like to share your story, just email with your case study and pictures. For details about how we may use your content, check our T&Cs.


Student in California

Piers spent a year studying abroad at Colorado State University as part of his American Studies degree

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was welcomed with open arms by every person I met not only within the inclusive and wide-ranging induction week, but in the wider community as well. From family dinners with local residents to weekends spent in CSU’s Mountain Campus, Colorado couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. I was attracted to CSU from its proximity to the high peaks of the Rockies, but I was also drawn by variety of unique classes that I couldn’t find anywhere else.
Being able to study subjects such as the History of US National Parks, America’s Public Policy Process and Environmental Ethics gave me the chance to study topics I’m truly interested in, and helped me to come up with a topic for my final year dissertation in Swansea.  I’ll always be grateful for the help I received from Swansea’s Go Global team and CSU’s Office of International Programs for making the transition from Wales to Colorado so seamless. The exchange program is a fantastic opportunity for anyone, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.



Student in Finland

Romany spent three months in Finland completing a clinical placement as part of her Nursing degree 

My aspirations are eventually to become a humanitarian nurse and work within refugee camps and third world countries. I believe travelling the world is a transformational experience that allows people to experience a personal and professional transformation. The semester abroad benefited me in many ways. I have excelled academically, and my confidence has flourished. My communication skills have been enhanced greatly and this is one of the most vital skills a nurse must possess. 
I underwent 10 weeks of clinical placement and was able to partake in the nursing of patients within Finnish guidelines and procedures. Additionally, I had the honour of being part of an incredible team dynamic during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I was able to witness the efficiency of teamwork and the calm manner that was adopted during the situation. Further, I was supported in English while performing compressions for the very first time in my career as a nurse, this was an incredible experience and I am thankful to be able to take this with me on my ongoing career. 


James Turner

James spent 1 semester abroad at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain and 1 semester at Johannes-Gutenberg Universität, Germany as part of his Translation & Interpreting degree

Studying Translation and Interpreting in Swansea meant that I had the opportunity to spend my year abroad studying at two highly prestigious universities, specialised within the field of linguistics and translation. From September until the start of April, I was attending the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain and from April until July, I studied at the Johannes-Gutenberg Universität in Germersheim, Germany.

I am extremely grateful for all the experiences, memories and people that I have met along my journey, and I truly believe that I am returning to Swansea with qualities and skills that will put me above others academically and professionally - enabling me to continue my chosen path in life.


Hermione Sanderson

Hermione spent 3 months in Mexico and 3 months in Australia completing a work placement as part of her BSc Marine Biology degree 

During my year abroad, I have been to two separate continents on two different industry placements. My first placement was situated in Veracruz, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in a remote village. The placement itself was based on the conservation of endangered sea turtles. The work included patrolling miles of beach to find sea turtle nests to ensure the safety of the eggs. I also partook in environmental education in the surrounding villages and towns, giving presentations to children of all ages on the importance of environmental preservation.

My second placement was spent working with the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. The placement was very academic and was based on research in a seawater facility. The research was on coral reefs and conservation. I ran an experiment start to finish, testing different environmental conditions on corals and seeing the reaction. The work was challenging as it was more focused on academia, including data analysis, using initiative and writing scientifically. I tried to take as many opportunities travelling as possible, including spending time on Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth.

My main aims of this year abroad were to open my eyes to living in different areas and decide if I wanted to go into the industry under these particular careers. I completely fulfilled them and believe that I have a new aspect on life in general. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences and opportunities that the Go Global team have opened up for me, that I would not have been able to do without the support, both economically and morally, of the office.


Student in Rennes

Bethan spent a year studying abroad at Rennes School of Business as part of her Business Management degree

My motivations for choosing to spend a year studying abroad in France were firstly the prospect of having the opportunity to broaden my horizons and expand the very narrow view of the world I previously had. Advancing into my final year of university and subsequently graduating with very little knowledge about the working world I would eventually be entering did not sit right with me. Studying in France provided me with the opportunity to overcome these worries and experience a completely different culture of my own whilst not being too far from home. It is impossible for me to pinpoint one specific favourable moment of my year abroad as there were so many equally memorable moments. From eating at authentic restaurants with friends from all over the world, to visiting three different countries in a week with people who were complete strangers to me just weeks before, it is an overall experience I have no desire to forget and very much doubt I ever will. 

It is an experience which has boosted my confidence enough to consider every opportunity presented to me, may it be back home in Wales or on the other side of the world. Since finishing my year abroad I have spent 6 weeks living and working as an Au Pair in Madrid and have been researching the possibility of studying a master’s degree in Germany post graduating. I am far from ready for my study abroad experience to be over. 


Niraj Wadher

Niraj spent a semester abroad at Texas A&M University, one of Swansea University's Strategic Partner Universities, as part of his Engineering degree 

For my exchange, I had the opportunity to go on a semester abroad to Texas A&M University. Although my time abroad was short, it was very eventful and I got to experience new things. I went to my first ever American Football game and was amazed by the dedication to the sport even at a college level. This was one of the highlights of my time abroad. I was also fortunate enough to visit some places nearby; these included The Alamo in San Antonio; the Space Centre in Houston and Dallas.

Through the exchange, I hoped to gain a better understanding of the way engineering is taught and demonstrated within the US as opposed to the common practices in Europe that I am familiar with. I think that I managed to achieve this, even though the biggest challenge was adapting to a different style of teaching. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and I’m so glad that I went.


Wura Arieskola Zambia

Wura, a Psychology student, spent her summer abroad volunteering in Zambia 

I took part in the Discovery Swansea Siavonga Partnership and decided to take part in this programme as I am passionate about helping vulnerable women and children, and I wanted a summer programme where I could further develop my passion. From this trip I hoped to gain an insight in to the lives of the people of rural Zambia and get an understanding of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

My favourite aspect of this trip was the visits to local women’s groups in their villages. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I was able to learn so much about the day to day lives of the women living in and around Siavonga, as well as learn about the amazing work so many of them do to support their local communities. These women inspired me so much and getting the privilege to meet and talk with them is something I will never forget.

This programme was a life changing experience for me and when the month was over I didn’t want to leave! I gained so many skills, friends and personal fulfilment from it and I massively recommend this summer programme to other students.


Oliver Think Pacific

Oliver spent his summer volounteering in Fiji through the Think Pacific volunteering programme

The programme in Fiji was so much more than I expected. On arrival, we joined a village and volunteered in the local school. We had to identify those children who needed additional support and help them with their learning. Alongside this, we participated in other activities such as village fun fairs, village medical classes and other village group activities. Every Saturday we would go on planned excursions to the beach or waterfalls. The trip has made me a better person, improved my social skills, the way I look at learning, and the way I look at life in general.