Kiel university

Located in the North of Germany, Kiel will provide you with warm summers and relatively cold winters, with temperatures dropping to around -2 degrees in January, sometimes colder.   You'll feel right at home having spent time by the sea at Swansea, since Kiel is also a maritime city. It offers excellent transport links, a diverse cultural scene and some beautiful Baltic beaches. The University of Kiel itself is home to around 27,000 students, and  seven Nobel Prize Winners have worked there, working in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Literature. You will typically start the academic year in October, and end the year in July.The International Center reserves a limited number of rooms for international students, These dorms belong to the 'Studentenwerk' as opposed to the university, and therefore cannot be guaranteed. You can sign up to take part in the Study Buddy Program, where you will be matched up with a German student who will help you settle in at the start of semester.