The Children's Rights in Early Years Network (CREYN) is a network of academics, practitioners, policy makers and third sector organisations, which is coordinated by Dr Jacky Tyrie in the in the Department of education and Childhood Studies and by Anna Westall at Children in Wales. The network draws together, those with an interest in young children’s rights to share knowledge and work together, in order to: improve accessibility of research, develop a forum for future research activity, deliver a stronger advocacy for the rights of young children, exchange knowledge between professionals and to support the development of an evidence-base to better understand young children’s rights.

Network meetings take place every two months online, for further information please email Dr Jacky Tyrie.

During 2021 we held five network meetings and shared/discussed a range of topics:


The recently published strategy sets out the plan on how Welsh Government will raise awareness of the UNCRC in Wales until the end of 2023.

The CREY Network has a specific mention under the Early Years section:

..Support the children’s rights early years network. We will support this network to bring together key stakeholders to share good children’s rights practice.

We are keen to build on this and develop stronger links with Welsh Government and allow a more active role for the CREYN.