The aim of this project was to examine the public moods around the first-year anniversary of the 2017 Manchester bombing. The team studied public activities surrounding the anniversary on 22nd May 2019, including “With One Voice”, a public sing-along in Albert Square featuring a survivor’s choir.  They then followed how these events were being documented, represented and performed on Twitter by observing and collecting user generated content from #ManchesterTogether and a number of other hashtags.

Digital elements ranged from the big screens streaming the Manchester Cathedral service, as well as responses to the service on Twitter. There were also ‘grassroots initiatives' such as the pebble painting commemorative events. That public, commemorative events are now composed of overlapping ‘more or less digital’ elements is one key insight from the project. Another central interest for this research team is how very specific forms of community and togetherness are composed in response to terrorist attacks in Europe and how a digital concept brought about a physical response.

Future projects: Using # as a response to bring people together e.g. refugees.

Shanti visiting Madrid to further impact and engagement opportunities. Meeting with Manchester council and now has a body of work to show with the hope of curating a permanent exhibition of ‘objects of commemoration’.