Welcome to CHERISH-DE

Putting Humans at the heart of innovation

"CHERISH-DE officially started in July 2015. But actually, it’s been in the lifeblood of Swansea University for many decades.

At Swansea, we’re celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2020 and we’ve always sought to do excellent things with impact for the society and the economy. We are adept at working across disciplines, drawing in people from the arts and humanities, from medicine, from social care, from engineering to work together on difficult and important problems. We want to cherish the precious smallness of everyday life, of what it means to be human in this future world. 

So during the last 18 months of the initial funding, we'll be championing digital technology that is shaped by the hands, the hearts and the voices of as many people as possible. Moving on, we hope, to the next stage of CHERISH, because our work is not yet done, and there are many more things to achieve." Professor Matt Jones, CHERISH-DE PI

Morgan Advanced Studies Institute (MASI)

Cherish-DE has nurtured a culture of adventurous interdisciplinary working, and the new Morgan Advanced Studies Institute (MASI) will continue this way of working and build upon these successes, led by Prof Matt Jones. Visit the MASI website for more information.