The Crucible is aimed at Early Career Researcher's (ECR), post PhD 1-8 years, interested in multidisciplinary research and wanting to boost their career. It's an EPSRC-funded unique leadership development programme for ECRs from all disciplines and from all UK universities to develop career-altering skills surrounding digital economy research.

Swansea University undertakes this UK-wide leadership programme to produce and nurture the next generation of Digital Economy researchers. This initiative is part of CHERISH Digital Economy Research Centre at the University and a network of 6 other Digital Economy Hubs in the UK. 

The Crucible is held over three separate dates, each having its own topic, participants must attend all three skills labs.

What is the UK Digital Economy Crucible?

The UK Digital Economy Crucible is one of the integral project outputs of CHERISH-DE. As the project enables facilitation of innovative interdisciplinary projects within Swansea, UK Digital Economy Crucible reaches out to outstanding Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from across all UK universities and all disciplines.

It's a unique opportunity to develop career-altering skills surrounding digital economy research, network and collaborate to achieve societal impact and economic gain. The programme has nurtured more than 100 ECRs from 35 different UK universities so far. 

Our past participants have achieved a wide range of impacts, including policy shaping at Parliament and Government level, public engagements through BBC News, secured funding of over £8 million for their institutions since joining the programme, excelled in their careers and adopted interdisciplinary and co-creation (with user and industry) research approach.





Reflections from Crucible Series 2016-2019

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