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Dr Menna Price

Dr Menna Price, Lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University has used CHERISH-DE funding to apply digital technology to drive public sector projects ranging from healthy eating apps, flu vaccinations and traffic management.

Menna’s first project with CHERISH-DE was an escalator in 2016 for the pilot of “Creating a mind-set for heath with digital health solutions”. This was successful and further escalator funding was awarded for the next stage of development. 

The escalators resulted in the development of a prototype for a healthy eating app.  Menna has presented at several conferences including the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour (SSIB 2019) and the BFDG conference in Lyon. This is being written up for publication in the open access Journal of Medical Internet Research and a grant bid is being written for funding to continue development. 

Menna also worked with Swansea’s NHS board, ABMU, on a project to increase NHS staff uptake for flu vaccination. Menna attended the Annual Influenza Progress meeting in Cardiff 2018 and there is a publication pending. 

She has also seconded to Swansea Council for a scheme to reduce idling engines at traffic lights using a visual message similar to that used on smart motorways.  Results indicated that twice as many drivers turned off their engine when the signs were in place.

“The Crucible has been enormously beneficial to me personally. It has given me the confidence to pursue interdisciplinary research, which means that the things I thought might not be possible are now entirely possible. Incorporating digital technology into my research (and the confidence to do this) will keep my research relevant and useful. 

I have developed new research skills as well as confidence in new areas of scientific development. I also gained the confidence to apply for the CHERISH-DE crucible, which was successful, and I know that this will allow me to continue to develop my skills and confidence, as well as developing a new network of collaborators.” 

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