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The Batsapp Project is a documentary podcast which chronicles the human experience of online misinformation during the 2018 Nipah outbreak. While online misinformation has now permeated our lives, the Nipah response is a positive story of how the individuals, communities and institutions most affected by misinformation came together to fight it. This series is set in the picturesque Indian state of Kerala, whose public health establishment received global acclaim for its management of the deadly Nipah outbreak. We also talk to international experts about the ways in which our mind processes misinformation and what this means for risk communication during outbreaks.

This documentary podcast series was supported by the Cherish-DE Seedcorn Fund.

For more information about the project please visit or contact Principal Investigator Dr. Santosh Vijaykumar Twitter handle: @percer

Batsapp Episode 1

Batsapp Episode 2

Batsapp Episode 3