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Do you remember where on campus you were when you decided on your future career? Did you meet your partner across a dance floor in Fulton House?

We would love to hear about the places on campus that define Swansea University to you.

In honour of celebrating all aspects of University life as part of our Centenary, we are inviting students, staff and alumni to nominate places on campus that hold significant personal value. From research milestones and sporting victories to the formation of life-long friendships, Swansea University is and always will be your University.

A circular navy plaque, displaying the wording

From the entries submitted, the lucky winners will see their nominated site become home to a Navy Plaque, such as those found in city centre locations, transforming our campuses into a living piece of history, owned by our community.

To nominate your memory, please email to explain why that place is important to you, along with your name, the date of your memory and whether you are a student, staff or alumni, by 23:59 on Friday 4th September 2020.

Please ensure that you name a location on Bay or Singleton Campus related to your memory in your entry.

To find out more information about the places your fellow Swansea University community nominated, be sure to keep an eye on this page.