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Swansea University has a range of options for you to engage with Welsh clubs, societies and culture whilst you're here with us. You may not speak Welsh and want to learn, or you might want to brush up on your Welsh language skills by socialising in Welsh or playing sport with other Welsh speakers. 

Fluent Welsh speakers and learners are all welcome.

The Welsh Society (Y Gym Gym)

Being a member of the Gym Gym is a great opportunity for Swansea's Welsh speaking students to socialise and meet other Welsh speakers within the University. Every year, the Society holds a large number of events ranging from crawls and socials, quiz nights and occasional trips. The biggest event everyone looks forward to is the family crawl at the beginning of the year; this is a great opportunity to get to know the new and existing members of the society.

Annually, they organise a trip during the Six Nations to either Dublin or Edinburgh. These trips are a great chance to socialise and make new friends with other members across Wales. Every year, they attending the Intercollegiate Dance and the Eisteddfod and competing against other Welsh Societies. 

Find out more about the Student Union's societies here or read more about the Welsh Society here.

logo for the Welsh society with a Swan in the middle and Swansea University written beneath it

Hi, I'm Megan your Students' Union Welsh Affairs Officer!

My role is to represent you on all-things Welsh and ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to study through the medium of Welsh. This year I would also like to promote the use of the language around campus and get you excited about the country’s history and culture!

You can read my manifesto points here.

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