Shruthi Sampath Kumar

Shruthi Sampath Kumar

LLM International Maritime Law

Swansea University is a renowned institution with great Academic standards. When I wanted to pursue my Masters in Maritime law, Swansea University was ranked as the best institution in the world in most of the ranking websites. Swansea University is also one of the few institutions in UK where the modules are taught in person and not just made up of recorded lectures.  The serene nature of Swansea and the enjoyable weather were the other reasons I decided to study in Swansea.

The modules are taught in-depth and in person by the Professors. The law course and the department is systematically organised and covers every aspect of the course in detail. The Professors and the department make extra efforts to make sure the students are alright and understand the basic of the subject.

The law department has the most knowledgeable lecturers one could ask for. They are highly resourceful. The professors are always available to help students and we get prompt replies on emails as well. The academic mentor system and the feedback system has helped students like me in coping up with academics.

The course is flexible within its reasonable limits. My favourite modules are Carriage of goods by sea, land and air as it forms the basis of Maritime law. My professor Mr. Simon Baughen is a world-renowned author and his classes are highly insightful.

I was elected as a subject representative and a NUS UK Delegate. These has provided me with leadership skills. The seminar sessions has made me a better team player. My communication has drastically improved. The employability module has been useful to a great extent especially in writing my CV or cover letters and expanding my practical knowledge in the field. I am also part of the law society.

My favourite things about my course:

  • The coverage of modules
  • Knowledgeable Professors
  • Resourceful library

My favourite things about Swansea:

  • The nature and serenity of the city
  • The low cost of living
  • The beautiful beaches and places around like Mumbles, Rhosseli, Three Cliffs Bay etc

Swansea University is held in high regard by Professionals and studying here adds its own feather to its cap. The place is beautiful and serene and creates the perfect atmosphere for studying.