Omkar Joshi

Omkar Joshi

LLM International Maritime Law

Any university education should have at least two objectives. Firstly, it should provide you with the required skills in the specific area of education. Secondly, it should enhance your confidence to venture out into the world.

While handling marine claims, I felt the need to further my education in maritime law, and I explored law schools offering such courses. That is when I came across Swansea University and chose them due to their program is reputable in the industry. Moreover, I came across the books and other materials published by the teaching faculty at the University, and naturally, I desired to gain knowledge from such learned professors. Overall, I was impressed by the fact that the faculty is very accessible and encouraging.

The other departments of the University are supportive as well. I applied for the University during Covid times, but the admissions team ensured that the process was pleasant and provided me with regular updates. I got introduced to the University's SWELT (Swansea University English Language Test) during the admissions process - which I believe is a brilliant platform.

As a law student, I spend a substantial amount of time in the library, and the law library at Swansea is excellent. The law librarians and the staff are very supportive and eager to help. Additionally, the Employability sessions and SEA (Swansea Employability Academy) are great initiatives taken by the University to assist students towards seeking employment.

Lastly, the University's campus has a great vibe, being surrounded by parks and beaches. Swansea University has created a well-articulated ecosystem that is well equipped to deliver the knowledge and confidence to the students required for future challenges