Md Nazmus Sakib

Md Nazmus Sakib

LLM International Maritime Law

My interaction with seniors in this industry who studied LLMs in Maritime Law at Swansea University and alumni of this premier institution led me to realize that this college offers the perfect course, where I will study under lecturers who are well established in the industry. It offers well-rounded courses that go beyond traditional education, earning this college a high reputation in the shipping industry.

I am from Bangladesh and prior coming here I was working as Merchant Marine Officer for a reputed Shipping Company. After completing the course, I am aspiring to work in the legal side of the shipping industry.

IISTL in Swansea has an exceptional faculty. The lecturers also take into account each student's professional goals. The Employability Module is planned by the institute over the course of the entire academic year, and each week, students have the opportunity to network with successful maritime industry workers.

Lectures are always there to help us if we need any with warmth and kindness. Our lecturers' teaching styles were very accommodating in the sense that the lectures are designed to cater not only to former law graduates and practitioners, but also to those without prior legal knowledge, such as myself. My all the modules are perfectly maritime which are i) Admiralty ii) Charterparty iii) Carriage of Goods By sea, land, and Air iv) Marine Insurance, but I like admiralty most, because from the beginning of my sea career I was mostly interested in Casualty response and subsequent events like Ship arrest, Salvage, General average which leads to litigation if dispute arises between the stake holders.

Careers team is very helpful, and they are ready to extend their helping hands always. At regular interval they conduct workshop on CV and cover letter review, seminar on career advice and support every way possible in job hunting which is the most daunting part after completing the study.

Studying International Maritime Law in Swansea University provided me with the opportunity to gain a legal understanding of the maritime sector. The LLM programme has an international reputation in the field of maritime law because it provides academic excellence in the most critical and practical aspects of a postgraduate programme. The course helped me to combine seafaring experience with legal knowledge and I find myself in a strong platform from where I will be able to make a stand in the maritime legal field. Finally, being surrounded by students of various nationalities enabled me to establish an international network of contacts.

I have taken non-credit module ‘’Mooting’’ and I am preparing for the initial round. This will give me opportunity to acquire skills like critical thinking, legal research, legal drafting and will enrich my communication skill.

One of my favourite things about studying here is Guest lectures almost on every Wednesday where I got the opportunity to listen from variety of experts and stake holders in the shipping industry. Secondly diversity of the course where I have met students from various part of the world and from various discipline. Finally Lectures and staffs of the university, you will certainly feel that it’s like a family.

Swansea is a perfect place to live, study and pass your time. There is a lot to do in the area, including miles of beaches with golden sand, mediaeval castles, craft stores, rolling hills, and world-class museums. Everyone can find something to enjoy in the city, from outdoor activities to foreign cuisine, shopping centres, and a thriving nightlife.

I would advise researching the programmes you are interested in, verifying the entry criteria, and contacting Swansea University for any additional information you may require if you are thinking about applying here. I am sure you will like it here, there are many chances for outdoor recreation and cultural experiences. Students can join a variety of organisations, societies, and sports teams in the city, which has a thriving student scene.