Leila Farooqi

Leila Farooqi

United Kingdom
BSc Population Health & Medical Sciences

I was thrilled to find a course that fulfilled both the human and scientific aspects of health, but I was particularly drawn to Swansea University because of how enthusiastic and friendly the lecturers and staff were.

Because my course was small, I got to know the and lecturers very well and a sense of community and support was quickly established. This helped during assessment periods because I knew I could rely on my support network.

I always was interested in science and healthcare, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to undertake research or directly interact with people. My course allowed me to explore all options. Ultimately, I decided that Medicine was the career for me with the help of a module in third year taught by medical doctors, where I got lots of insight into the medical career and the opportunity to take on placements.

I would recommend Swansea University because there is such a huge range of undergraduate degrees, from Genetics or Population Health and Medical Sciences, with lots of overlap with modules. You meet lots of students and staff to help you explore what you would like to do after Swansea. I was just as excited about the student life at Swansea with events like Welsh Varsity and it being the closest university in the world to a beach! There are so many places for you to hang out outside of the university, like Wind Street, the beach and plenty of natural beauties around Swansea, like The Gower. My favourite memories were from being at Varsity and beach bonfires with my friends!